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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hells Angels gang patch challenge heard in court |

Hells Angels gang patch challenge heard in court | "Lawyers for the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club have launched their bid, in the High Court at Whanganui, to see the city's controversial gang patch ban struck out.
A judicial review of the bylaw began this morning before Justice Denis Clifford.
Lawyers on behalf of Auckland-based gang member Philip Schubert are arguing the Wanganui District Council overstepped its powers when it introduced the bylaw last September.
Under the legislation, people wearing gang insignia in Wanganui could be fined $2000 and have the insignia confiscated.
One of Schubert's lawyers Duncan Webb said by banning gang patches from all city streets, the council had basically introduced a prohibition, which was not a power granted to it by parliament.
It was also a breach of the Bill of Rights Act, which the council failed to take into consideration when drafting the bylaw, he said."

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