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Friday, 30 April 2010


MOUNTIE FAKED MEMO: "stunning admission by a senior RCMP officer that he drafted a bogus memo to cover up concerns about police wiretap methods has led to the collapse of a major drug prosecution in northern Ontario and raised questions about wiretapping in at least 30 investigations.
Federal prosecutors in Sault Ste. Marie stayed trafficking charges this week in Project Omax, a long-running investigation that allegedly uncovered a 'multi-kilo' cocaine ring linked to the Hells Angels in Quebec."

Tuesday, 27 April 2010 - Local - Alleged Angel jailed on gun, drug charges - Local - Alleged Angel jailed on gun, drug charges: "One of seven alleged members of the Hells Angels nabbed in pre-dawn raids by the Ontario Provincial Police in December was handed a six-year prison sentence yesterday after pleading guilty to trafficking in hashish and offering to trade a high-powered assault rifle.
Luis Barberiz, 41, of Hamilton, who was injured in a car crash in November and remains in a wheelchair, was given the standard double credit for six months of pretrial custody by Superior Court Justice Nick Borkovich.
His lawyer Jaime Stephenson said the sentence included one count of possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking for which Barberiz had been previously charged. He also entered guilty pleas to one count of trafficking in hashish and another of offering for trade a prohibited AK-47 assault rifle."

Street brawl points to new outlaw motorcycle gang rivalry in Santa Cruz County - San Jose Mercury News

Street brawl points to new outlaw motorcycle gang rivalry in Santa Cruz County - San Jose Mercury News: "two suspected Hells Angels ran after two Vagos members on motorcycles. The Vagos sped off and the Hells Angels gave up the chase - one armed with a hammer tossed the weapon - but a third Vago in driving behind the motorcyclists in a van allegedly went after the Hells Angels, according to testimony from Santa Cruz police officers during the preliminary hearing Monday for the third Vago, Thomas Froberg, 37.
Froberg, a Live Oak resident, was arrested at Mike Fox Park shortly after the brawl on suspicion of gang participation and fighting in public. Both the Vagos and Hells Angels are considered 'outlaw gangs' by law enforcement."

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Former Hells Angels President talks about police corruption!

Former Hells Angels President talks about police corruption!

Hells Angels - Behind Enemy Lines - 1 of 5

YouTube - Hells Angels The 1% Club - Part 1: "Hells Angels The 1% Club - Part 1"

Owner latest arrested after pizzeria brawl - Sunday, Apr. 25, 2010

Owner latest arrested after pizzeria brawl - Sunday, Apr. 25, 2010: "pizzeria owner was arrested Saturday for allegedly firing his gun in a parking lot after a fight among rival motorcycle gangs that started inside his restaurant spilled outside.
'If you have 25 people storming the place, what would you do?' said Petros Kostakis, co-owner of Luigi's Pizza Bar & Grille on Valley Street. 'Fear for my employees and me -- that's what I did.'"

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Brawl or no brawl? Only bike gangs know the truth |

Brawl or no brawl? Only bike gangs know the truth | "dozens of bikers from rival gangs scuffle in a parking lot in a small Mississippi River town and don't admit to it afterward, did it really happen?
Probably, Ron Ganrude of the Winona County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday. The bloody face of one of the bikers is the sure giveaway.
But Chief Deputy Ganrude said police didn't make a single arrest after responding to a call of a biker free-for-all in Minneiska, Minn., on Saturday because once the cops showed up, everybody shut up.
'He claimed he had fallen down,' Ganrude said of the biker whose face was cut and bloodied. 'He said he didn't know anything about a fight.'"

Biker, drug dealer jailed 8 1/2 years | Winnipeg | News | Winnipeg Sun

Biker, drug dealer jailed 8 1/2 years | Winnipeg | News | Winnipeg Sun: "Has longtime biker associate and drug dealer Allen Morrison changed his ways?
A judge who sentenced him to 81/2 years in prison doesn’t think so.
Morrison pleaded guilty Tuesday to possession of cocaine for the purposes of trafficking, conspiracy to traffic in cocaine and obstruction of justice. The last charge is in connection to Morrison’s attempt to mislead the court into believing he was turning his back on a life of crime.
“I have grave doubts Mr. Morrison seriously wants to move in a positive direction,” said Justice Brenda Keyser. “It’s not the first time he has tried to con the court.”
Morrison, 38, was one of 18 people arrested in December 2007 as part of Project Drill, a undercover police investigation targeting the Hells Angels and its associates.
Morrison was already in custody at the time of his arrest. That same month he was sentenced to one year in jail after being convicted at trial of possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. At that sentencing hearing, Morrison told the court he had severed his ties with his criminal associates and had moved to the country with his girlfriend and young child."

Tickets issued after report of biker gang fight in Winona County - WKBT La Crosse, WI-NewsChannel 8-

Tickets issued after report of biker gang fight in Winona County - WKBT La Crosse, WI-NewsChannel 8-: "reported fight between the Hells Angels and Outlaws motorcycle gangs in Winona County leads to citations.
The Winona County Sheriff's Department says deputies were called to Buck's Bar in Minneiska for a fight between the rival gangs.
Chief Deputy Ron Ganrud says the deputies found a small group of Hells Angels members at the bar, one with cuts on his face. The man told deputies he fell down, and refused medical attention.
Witnesses told the deputies the group of Outlaws members headed south on Highway 61 from Minneiska.
Ganrud says three Winona County deputies and a Minnesota State Patrol trooper pulled over 'better than 100' members of the Outlaws gang in Minnesota City."

Hemet, attacks on police, gangs, arrests -

Hemet, attacks on police, gangs, arrests - "arrested 23 people Tuesday after serving search warrants at dozens of locations as part of an investigation into attacks by a suspected white supremacist group against Hemet police, according to law enforcement authorities.The operation by a local, state and federal task force took the suspects into custody on suspicion of narcotics, weapons and parole violations, the Hemet Police Department said.The arrests follow what police said were a series of calculated attacks against officers and city property in the Inland Empire city, a place once favored as a slow-paced retirement community before its crime rate started to inch up."

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Hells Angels, Outlaws members brawl in Minneiska

Hells Angels, Outlaws members brawl in Minneiska: "brawl between rival biker gangs Saturday in Minneiska, Minn., caused police to close a lane on U.S. Highway 61 after pulling over more than 100 bikers, according to the Winona County Sheriff’s Department.
At least eight members of the Hells Angels and Outlaws Motorcycle Club fought about 2 p.m. Saturday in the parking lots of the Eagle View Bar and Grill and Buck's Bar and Grill, while scores of other bikers watched, Chief Deputy Ron Ganrude said.
No one involved in the fight would speak to police, so no citations were written for the brawl, though two people were cited for possessing brass knuckles."

Carl Williams, has been beaten to death in prison.

One of Australia's most infamous gangland bosses, Carl Williams, has been beaten to death in prison. Police said Williams, 39, died of a cardiac arrest after sustaining head injuries in a fight

Woman shot at Sturt home - Crime - News | Guardian Messenger

Woman shot at Sturt home - Crime - News | Guardian Messenger: "FIRE has gutted an Edwardstown house linked to the Hells Angels.
Neighbours heard shouting outside the Castle St house on Tuesday, April 15, about 6am and called police. A female was seen leaving in a black 4WD.
Four MFS fire crews took about 15 minutes to control the blaze, which caused about $200,000 damage."

Bikies refused bail over airport brawl | Herald Sun

Bikies refused bail over airport brawl | Herald Sun: "THREE Comancheros accused of murdering Anthony Zervas during a bikie brawl at Sydney Airport have been refused bail by a NSW Supreme Court judge. Their lawyers argued bail was justified due to 'exceptional circumstances', including a self-defence issue related to evidence that Mr Zervas produced scissors and cut Comancheros boss Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi.
But Justice Bruce James said today he was not satisfied there were exceptional circumstances to justify granting bail to Pomare Pirini, Frank La Rosa and Maher Aouli.
He had considered extensive material prepared by lawyers for the Crown and the trio, and heard four days of submissions."

Monday, 19 April 2010

Drug charges dropped against Hells Angel | Northern Territory News | Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia |

Drug charges dropped against Hells Angel | Northern Territory News | Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia | "James Scott Parnwell Knight, 41, was facing a Supreme Court jury trial for serious drugs charges, including manufacturing methamphetamine.
The trial had been put off twice, and was scheduled for August.
But earlier this month the Director unexpectedly withdrew all four prosecution charges.
Justice Department spokeswoman Anna Campbell said in a statement that DPP Richard Coates determined there were 'no longer reasonable prospects of sustaining a conviction'."

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Jewish & World News: Over 100 Queens gang members arrested in massive drug, gun bust

Jewish & World News: Over 100 Queens gang members arrested in massive drug, gun bust: "the 'Flocc' street gang.The gang -- a rare alliance consisting of Crips and Bloods members -- were based in Far Rockaway and making $15,000 a week from peddling guns and narcotics, police said.The two-year probe -- known as 'Operation: Under Siege' -- began when NYPD officers assigned to the Queens Gang Squad and the DA's Narcotics Investigations Bureau began to focus on an alleged drug network.
'This untraditional gang alliance's alleged propensity for violence knew no bounds. In one instance, a marked NYPD patrol car occupied by two officers was shot at during a shootout between rival gangs. Fortunately, both officers escaped injury,' said Brown.Through police wiretaps, cops said they learned that Keith Livingston, a member of the Bloods, had planned to shoot officers performing foot patrol from a rooftop in Jamaica, authorities said.
Livingston was charged with criminal possession of weapons last year after police allegedly seized a bag containing a 9mm handgun, a defaced 9mm hi-point rifle and various amounts of ammunition belonging to him."

Bikie gangs battle for underworld

Bikie gangs battle for underworld: "OUTLAW bikie gangs are amassing unprecedented power in Victoria, targeting Melbourne's nightclubs, tabletop dancing venues and security businesses with extortion, threats and violence.
The Brumby government is facing renewed pressure to fall into line with other states and introduce anti-association laws to curb the bikies' growing power and links to organised crime.
Senior Victoria Police sources have told The Sunday Age that several gangs - including the Comancheros and the Bandidos - are vying to dominate Melbourne's underworld and warned that violence was likely to rise, especially if the rival gangs launched a battle for the city's methamphetamine trade.
''The underworld killings left a vacuum in Melbourne and the bikies, particularly the Comancheros, have been quick to move in. A lot of these guys are just criminals who've never ridden a motorbike,'' a police source said.
Senior sources say the gangs' rise to power in Melbourne has flourished since the recent crackdown in other states."

Friday, 16 April 2010

Hells Angels' 'tech guy' jailed 10 years - Crime -

Hells Angels' 'tech guy' jailed 10 years - Crime - "'right-hand man' of the deputy of a Hells Angels cocaine ring admitted Thursday to possessing an arsenal of guns and plotting to take over small-town drug trade.
Lloyd MacDonald, a 39-year-old P.E.I. native with no criminal record, was sentenced to 10 years after pleading guilty to 24 charges, including conspiring with more than a dozen people to traffic cocaine.
He's the first to plead among those nabbed in January after a 30-month probe by the joint forces biker enforcement unit.
Investigators believed an Ottawa-based cell of the Hells Angels' elite Nomads was trying to take over the cocaine trade in Brockville, Gananoque and Prescott, prosecutor Allyson Ratsoy said."

Man tied to Hells Angels gets 10 years

Man tied to Hells Angels gets 10 years: "Lloyd MacDonald, 39, was handed the sentence Thursday after admitting to possessing 11 guns — including a fully automatic Ingram submachine gun and an Uzi machine gun — along with ammunition and drugs in what a federal prosecutor described as a York Street stash house.
The guns and drugs were uncovered during a two-and-a-half-year undercover operation by the province’s Biker Enforcement Unit that wrapped up in January with the arrest of MacDonald and seven others, including full-patch Hells Angels and Ontario Nomads member Mario “Five Cent” Sincennes and hangaround Craig Haines."

Biker clubhouse demolition a ‘Hell’ of a job – Daily Commercial News

Biker clubhouse demolition a ‘Hell’ of a job – Daily Commercial News: "Sometimes a demolition is more than just a demolition. Case-in-point: a residence located at 487 Ortono Avenue in Oshawa, near Wilson Road South, within sight of Highway 401, razed on March 30 of this year.
Over the years, the building has been invested with different meaning by different parties.
The building had served as a motorcycle clubhouse for almost 25 years. It was originally owned by members of the Satan’s Choice motorcycle club and then became the property of the Oshawa Hells Angels.
For Priestly Demolition Inc. of Aurora, the contract was a small one — a $19,000 residential demolition and cleanup.
“It was nothing special to us,” says John Phillips, vice-president of operations with Priestly."

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Arson house attack has bikies link - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Arson house attack has bikies link - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation): "property was owned by a Hells Angels member who died last month and is now owned by the man's son.
The house in Castle Street at Edwardstown went up in flames at about 6:00am ACST.
A neighbour who does not want to be identified said he feared for his four young children after a window was smashed and liquid poured around the neighbouring house before the fire started.
Neighbours also say the house was sprayed with bullets several months ago.
Firefighters were on the scene quickly this morning and took 15 minutes to contain the blaze.
Police have confirmed the fire is suspicious."

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Vincenzo Focarelli appears in court charged with affray | Adelaide Now

Vincenzo Focarelli appears in court charged with affray | Adelaide Now: "'intended target' of February's Hells Angels bombing has appeared in court charged over Monday's Hindley Street brawl. Vincenzo Focarelli, 35, fronted court charged with aggravated affray over the incident - but his lawyers claim he is the victim.
Michael Woods, for Focarelli, said his client had been standing outside his own business, where he had fought back, in a 'clear case of self-defence'.
The court heard the brawl was captured by CCTV cameras and footage allegedly showed 10 Hells Angels using chains, metal bars and chairs to assault a group of four New Boys, of which Focarelli is a member.
Five Hells Angels members appeared in court on Monday and were granted bail on affray charges, while the remaining attackers evaded police.
He said Focarelli had hit back, using a metal pole, 'instead of letting himself get killed'."

Hells Angel veteran calls Vancouver police’s bluff - The Globe and Mail

Hells Angel veteran calls Vancouver police’s bluff - The Globe and Mail: "Rick Ciarniello, a member of the Vancouver chapter for 27 years, said if police had evidence against Hells Angels they would be making new arrests rather than talking about making arrests.
“It is so vague and meaningless,” Mr. Ciarniello said Tuesday of comments this week from the police inspector in charge of gangs and drugs.
“The police need their boogeyman and we’re it, and they want to keep the fact that we’re bad guys as much in the public’s mind as they can.
“The fact is if we’re all doing what they say we’re doing, we should all be in jail.
We’re just not that clever.”"

Brawl accused released on bail - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Brawl accused released on bail - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation): "South Australian police are failing to protect the alleged target of a car bombing.
Vincenzo Focarelli, 35, has faced Adelaide Magistrates Court accused of involvement in two fights, one in Hindley Street early last Monday morning against members of the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang.
His lawyer said Focarelli had been defending himself and suffered multiple wounds, including a broken nose.
Police allege Focarelli is a member of the New Boys street gang.
They say CCTV footage shows Focarelli limbering"

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Street brawl accused given bail - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Street brawl accused given bail - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation): "Bail has been granted to five alleged Hells Angels members who were arrested over a fight between rival gangs in Adelaide.
Police allege a group of 10 Hells Angels members confronted five members of the New Boys gang in Hindley Street in the city early on Monday.
Adelaide Magistrates Court has been told one of the accused was visiting from the United Kingdom to attend a funeral, but did not get there because he was in custody.
Three Victorian men and an Adelaide man also have been granted bail.
One matter was dealt with via a telephone to a hospital.
The men have been banned from contacting each other.
The case will return to court in June.
Adelaide police say they still want to speak with at least seven men involved in gang fighting in Hindley Street.
Acting Detective Superintendent Steve Taylor says it will be hard to track down the others involved.
'It's not like your traditional offending where we have victims come forth and are quite compliant and assist police with their inquiries,' he said."

Arrests over bikie gangs street brawl

Arrests over bikie gangs street brawl: "Hells Angels drove off in two cars and police stopped one in nearby Light Square. They say three men from Victoria, a British national and a man from Magill in Adelaide were arrested and charged...They are still looking for the people in the second car, which had Victorian registration"

Hells Angel granted bail on a $75,000 surety and 21 conditions

Hells Angel granted bail on a $75,000 surety and 21 conditions: "Juel Ross Stanton, 41, a full-patch member of the Hells Angels’ East End chapter charged with assault causing bodily harm, was granted bail Monday on a $75,000 surety and 21 conditions, some of which are “unprecedented,” the head of the Vancouver police gang task force said.
Stanton had become such an intimidating force that senior police officers set up a meeting two months ago with the president of the East End chapter of the notorious biker gang “to tell [Stanton] to shape up,” Insp. Brad Desmarais told a police news conference.
“Clearly, they were unable to control him,” said Desmarais.
He said a number of gang squad sergeants and constables met with East End president John Bryce and convinced the top biker to agree to rein in Stanton, “but circumstances proved otherwise.”"

Monday, 12 April 2010

Hells Angels take on New Boys in bikie clash on Hindley St | Adelaide Now

Hells Angels take on New Boys in bikie clash on Hindley St | Adelaide Now: "CHAIRS and metal poles were used in a vicious brawl between Hells Angels bikies and a rival gang in Hindley St overnight. Police say ten Hells Angels members confronted a group of five New Boys on the nightclub strip about 1.45am.
It is alleged the Hells Angels members were armed with metal poles and chains and that chairs were thrown during the short fight.
The Hells Angels left the scene in two cars - one was stopped by police patrols at Light Square but the other escaped.
Police are still searching for that car, a blue Ford sedan with Victorian registration XOM677.
Three men, aged 25, 39 and 40, all from Victoria, a 50 year old man from the United Kingdom and a 31 year old Magill man, were arrested and charged with affray.
They were all refused bail and will appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court today"

Bail hearing Monday for man with ties to Hells Angels

Bail hearing Monday for man with ties to Hells Angels: "man linked to the Hells Angels will appear in Vancouver Provincial Court today for a bail hearing after a series of charges were laid against him earlier this month.
Juel Ross Stanton, who has been a member of the Angels’ East End Chapter, was charged April 4 with three counts of possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose, possessing a weapon without a licence and possessing a prohibited or concealed weapon.
Stanton, 40, was also charged with assault causing bodily harm related to an incident on March 6 in Vancouver, according to Provincial Court files.
He was also charged March 17 with driving while prohibited and without proper insurance.
Stanton remains in jail, according to the court database, but is due for a hearing today to determine whether he’ll be released.
Details of the circumstances of the charges were not available Sunday.
Stanton runs a construction company called Juel Forming in Vancouver.
He was acquitted in September 2006 in a violent forcible confinement case where four men broke into a Surrey marijuana-growing operation, beat its owner with brass knuckles and held him captive.
Stanton’s brother Norman was convicted in the same case of conspiracy, forcible confinement, robbery and assault causing bodily harm.
Two earlier trials in the 2001 growing operation break-in were aborted"

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Hells Angels drug deals out in open - Winnipeg Free Press

Hells Angels drug deals out in open - Winnipeg Free Press: "The agent met with a high-ranking Hells Angels member at the Falafel Place restaurant on Corydon Avenue in October 2009 to discuss various ongoing issues related to drug dealing within the gang.
-- The agent met with two targets at the Tim Hortons on Archibald Street in November 2009. The targets -- unaware they had already fallen into a trap -- complained to the agent about how they were 'paranoid' because of previous police operations in which agents were used. 'It's so hard to meet good people,' one of the targets said.
Other revelations in the search warrants include a new Hells Angels policy to try beefing up their ranks after sting operations in 2006 and 2007 left the Manitoba chapter close to the minimum six members required to maintain chapter status.
They also document their dealings with Satsatin, who had no previous criminal record at the time he began working for the police operation in November 2008 but openly admitted to police he regularly sold drugs as part of his gang involvement."

2/2 Hells Angels Maurice Mom Boucher | Law Advice

2/2 Hells Angels Maurice Mom Boucher | Law Advice: "Maurice “Mom” Boucher (born June 21, 1953) is a high-ranking Hells Angels member and a Canadian convicted criminal. Boucher is married and has a son, Francis, who was a member of the Rockers MC, a Hells Angels puppet gang in Montreal. During the intense war between the Hells Angels and the Rock Machine, he ordered the murders of Quebec correctional officers Diane Lavigne and Pierre Rondeau. Both officers had been chosen at random. Besides the blow to the judicial system in Quebec, Boucher wanted crimes committed by bikers that would be so serious that prosecutors wouldn’t want to make deals to turn bikers into informants. Boucher was convicted for those murders (on the second attempt) with the help of a police informer in May 2002. The key witness for the prosecution was Stephane Gagne, nicknamed Godasse, who was involved in both murders. He testified he was ordered to carry out the killings by Boucher lieutenants Andre (Toots) Tousignant and Paul (Fon Fon) Fontaine and was later congratulated by Boucher himself. After 11 days of deliberation by the jury, Boucher was found guilty of attempted murder and two counts of first-degree murder. Boucher received an automatic life sentence, with no possibility of parole for at least 25 years. Boucher has gained notoriety in Quebec similar to mafia figures like Frank Cotroni during the 1970s. He is currently detained in the only Canadian Super-Maximum security penitentiary located in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, north of Montreal"

Friday, 9 April 2010

Bikers' 'code of honour' brings cycle of violence to sedate Berlin - The Irish Times - Fri, Apr 09, 2010

Bikers' 'code of honour' brings cycle of violence to sedate Berlin - The Irish Times - Fri, Apr 09, 2010: "Hells Angels and rival Bandidos gang have been engaging in riots, street battles and shootings, writes DEREK SCALLY
MICHAEL WAS on the way home from the supermarket last September when the killer struck, knocking him down from behind and driving a knife into his thigh.
The 33-year-old dropped his shopping – jam, a beer and a bottle of cola – and tried to flee when a bullet from a small-calibre pistol penetrated his back and ripped through his heart.
He struggled on for another 100 metres before collapsing in a pool of his own blood as his killer disappeared down a side street in Berlin’s eastern neighbourhood of Hohenschönhausen.
Police blame the killing on the victim’s decision to leave Berlin’s Hells Angels and join the rival Bandidos gang. In the six months since then, the killing has triggered gang warfare unheard of in the normally peaceful German capital, running street battles that have hardened local attitudes to the rocker groups.
Until now, you could be forgiven for mistaking the local Hells Angels – heavyset middle- aged men in leather jackets on custom Harley-Davidsons – as just another part of Berlin’s love affair with the 1980s that includes mullet haircuts, Bonnie Tyler and stone-washed denim.
The Hells Angels – apostrophes are for wimps – was founded in California in 1948 and the Berlin Hells Angels arrived in 1990. They also answer to the name “Bad City Crew” but bristle if anyone calls their “motorcycle club” a “gang”."

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Let’s Ride. An Excellent Guide To Motorcycling By Hells Angels Sonny Barger. at Cyril Huze Blog – Custom Motorcycle News

Let’s Ride. An Excellent Guide To Motorcycling By Hells Angels Sonny Barger. at Cyril Huze Blog – Custom Motorcycle News: "pre-release of Let’s Ride and began to look at the main chapters, I was quite surprised to find out that the legendary founder of the Hells Angel’s Oakland Chapter took the time to write a very serious guide to motorcycling and riding safety.
I was so teased that I read his book right away, and going through pages I was quick to realize that Sonny Barger, the “baddest man on two wheels”, because of his lifetime of experience as a motorcycle rider, may be one of the most qualified persons to tell you how to ride the right way…for life. The “leader of the pack” has half of century of experience riding a million miles and you should read what he has to say from how to choose a motorcycle, to good preparation for yourself and your ride before heading to the highway, to excellent tips to develop the skills and good habits necessary for survival on the road to advanced riding techniques.
What makes this book even more interesting is that you will discover a little bit more than you know about Sonny Barger. For example his bike preferences (he doesn’t like Harleys anymore and rides a Victory), his take about motorcycle safety (since years he rides with a full face helmet although he agrees that it’s your decision and and that nobody should impose a rule) and a few other revelations that I let you discover. As a bonus, Sonny illustrates his book with some never before seen photographs from his vast archives."

William "Billy Wadd" Smith, a former boss of the Devils Diciples bike club

William "Billy Wadd" Smith, a former boss of the Devils Diciples bike club, was so horrified by the killings of the jeweler, his three children and their grandmother that he testified in state court against his own nephew, John Wolfenbarger, who was one of the shooters. But Smith also owned a west side bar called the Copa Lounge that was a popular biker hangout. What's never been revealed before is that after the Livonia killings, Smith allowed federal agents to secretly wire for sound and video the back room of the Copa, where prosecutors say members of the Outlaws, Highwaymen, and other alleged bike gangs openly discussed past and future crimes.
"Everybody hung out there," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Diane Marion, who prosecuted the Outlaws and who begins a six- to eight-week racketeering trial today for six alleged Highwaymen leaders. Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives had the Copa's back room under electronic surveillance in 2003 and 2004, Marion said. Though the evidence gathered at the Copa proved most helpful in the Outlaws case, in which 16 members and associates were indicted, it was an early starting point for both the Outlaws and Highwaymen investigations and led to the conviction of one Highwaymen member in state court, she said.
The six alleged Highwaymen leaders whose trial begins today are among more than 80 alleged Highwaymen defendants and associates charged after a lengthy FBI investigation in one of the largest cases ever brought in federal court in Detroit. Defendants include attorneys and former police officers accused of corruption. Charges include conspiracy to commit murder, assault, drug dealing, and interstate transport of stolen goods.

John Wolfenbarger of Detroit and Dennis D. Lincoln of Flint, the two men convicted in the Dec. 21, 2002, home invasion and execution-style slayings of Livonia jeweler Marco Pesce, his mother, and his three pre-teen children, were not associated with the Highwaymen or the Outlaws.
But Wolfenbarger, 38, now serving a life sentence for murder, went to the Copa Lounge after the killings and made comments suggesting he was involved, Wolfenbarger's jury was told. The next day, he showed his uncle, Billy "Wadd" Smith, who owned the bar, a bag of jewelry, prompting the longtime Devils Diciple, whose members intentionally misspell "disciple," to call a Dearborn police officer he knew. Smith later testified at the murder trial. Smith, who keeps his whereabouts a secret, made no mention of allowing federal agents to wire the Copa in a recent episode of Gangland, in which he was featured on cable television's History Channel. He would not discuss the issue for this article because federal law enforcement officials advised him not to, said Smith's spokesman Bill Flowers. Donald Dawkins, a spokesman for the ATF, said Friday he would seek information about the electronic surveillance at the bar but later did not return phone calls. Today, the long-vacant Copa on Schoolcraft is a burned-out hulk of a building, just past the Outer Drive exit from westbound Interstate 96. None of the videos that federal agents secretly recorded there have appeared in court and it's not clear they will ever be made public. All but one or two of the defendants in the Outlaws case have pleaded guilty to racketeering, drug dealing or other charges, and none has gone to trial. The videos aren't directly relevant to the charges in the Highwaymen trial, Marion said. U.S. District Judge Nancy G. Edmunds, who will preside over the Highwaymen trial, said in a March 1 opinion and order that Smith was "a longtime, 'old school' member of several different motorcycle clubs," who allowed the ATF and the FBI to wire his bar. "Numerous conversations about gun and drug deals were taped," Edmunds said in an order that denied a defense motion to suppress certain wiretap evidence. "Smith dealt primarily with the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, but his friendships extended to members of other clubs as well. Smith provided information on various members of these clubs and participated in controlled purchases of narcotics and firearms."
Marion said that because Smith owned the Copa, federal officials did not need a judge's permission to wire the bar, as they would to tap a telephone. But under a restriction that must have been nerve-wracking for the informant Smith, the video and audio recorders could only operate at times when Smith was present with the bikers discussing their deals. Spokesmen for the Highwaymen have said some members may have committed crimes but have denied the club is a criminal organization. In fact, they say the club is known for raising money for charities such as the Make a Wish Foundation. "There seems to be this perception out there that the Highwaymen are this massive, violent, uncontrollable organization, when that's not the case," then-Highwaymen president David "Ike" Simon, who is not a defendant in the case, told The Detroit News in 2007.
But the Highwaymen, founded in Detroit in 1954, is still seen by many as an outlaw among outlaw clubs -- banned from a federation of Detroit clubs founded by a former Outlaws president
The club, Detroit's largest, gained infamy in the 1970s when some members were convicted of bombing and raiding the homes and clubhouses of rivals. Until the indictments, the Highwaymen had upwards of 100 members. It has chapters outside of Michigan in Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama and Indiana.
Today, alleged current or former leaders Aref "Steve" Nagi; Joseph "Little Joe" Whiting; Michael "Cocoa" Cicchetti; Leonard "Dad" Moore; Gary Ball Jr.; and Anthony "Mad Anthony" Clark are to stand trial in racketeering and other alleged crimes. Whiting, who has been held at Milan, is the only defendant still in custody.
Ronald Hatmaker, a former Detroit president of the club, was also to stand trial before he pleaded guilty to racketeering last week. He has not agreed to testify against his co-defendants

Ventura man arrested on suspicion of attempted child molestation » Ventura County Star

Ventura man arrested on suspicion of attempted child molestation » Ventura County Star: "Jacob Holder’s arrest came after detectives searched his home in the 100 block of East Simpson Street.
Police allege Holder had been using his status as a prospective member of the Hells Angels motorcycle club to threaten and intimidate a victim into not cooperating with investigators.
Holder was taken to the Ventura County jail, where he was booked for attempted child molestation, criminal threats, witness intimidation and street terrorism. His bail was set at $500,000."

arrested a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle club

arrested a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle club on Wednesday on suspicion of hitting his girlfriend.Police allege Ethan Kains, 34, hit his girlfriend then used his status as a member of the Ventura chapter of the motorcycle club to dissuade her from contacting police and cooperating with them.Police said Akins turned himself in.
Akins was taken to the Ventura County Jail where he was being held on $100,000 bail.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Hells Angels Motorcycle Club to abandon most of its territory in the city

court of appeal in Amsterdam has ordered the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club to abandon most of its territory in the city by 25 June.The Amsterdam city council is the owner of the land – situated along the Weesper Canal in the south east of the city – and wants to redevelop it with new housing.The Hells Angels have occupied the site for the last 36 years. Now they have been ordered to leave, the city council must compensate them for the construction of a new clubhouse.


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