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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

president of the Commanchero motor cycle club, Mahmoud (Mick) Hawi admitted today that he had punched and kicked brawl victim Anthony Zervas

president of the Commanchero motor cycle club, Mahmoud (Mick) Hawi admitted today that he had punched and kicked brawl victim Anthony Zervas at Sydney Airport in March 2009 but denied hitting him with a bollard.

Mr Hawi, 31, and five other club members are standing trial in the NSW Supreme Court for the murder of Mr Zervas, 29, the brother of Hells Angels bikie Peter Zervas.

Mr Hawi, giving evidence in the Supreme Court at Paramatta, said in answer to his counsel Philip Dunn, QC, that he had punched and kicked Anthony Zervas in self-defence.

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"He was coming at me with weapons," he said.

He denied hitting Anthony Zervas with a bollard or asking anyone else to do so.

Appearing before Justice Robert Hulme, Mr Hawi denied that, when he was scuffling with Anthony Zervas, he had asked any member of the Commanchero to assist him.

Mr Hawi said that he had had no intention of attacking Anthony Zervas but Peter Zervas had started to "carry on yelling and screaming" when they encountered each other at the check-in area at Sydney Airport on March 22.

Peter Zervas had said: "Did you think you are f---, do you think you can just walk away?"

Mr Hawi said he had not wanted to fight and had tried to get away but that Peter Zervas had put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a knuckleduster.

Someone had called out: "He's got a gun, he is going to shoot."

Mr Hawi said that Anthony Zervas had attacked him with a weapon.

Someone had pulled Anthony Zervas off but Peter Zervas had picked up a bollard and bashed him on the back with it.

Anthony Zervas had come back with a weapon of some sort and had hit him on the tricep and shoulder, causing bruising.

As Mr Hawi got out of the terminal building, he had looked back and Peter Zervas had called: "Come back and fight you wusses."

Mr Hawi had not accepted the invitation and got into a taxi and took off.

The court has heard that Anthony Zervas died as the result of being hit by a bollard.

Anthony Zervas was supporting members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle club who confronted the Commanchero that day.

Mr Hawi is on trial with Commanchero members Farres Abounader, Ishmail Eken, Zoran Kisacanin, Christian Menzies and Usama Potrus. They have pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Zervas.

Also on trial is Hells Angel David Padovan, who has denied a riot charge.

The court has heard that Mr Hawi and other Commanchero members were on a plane from Melbourne on March 22, 2009, as was Derek Wainohu, a prominent member of the Hells Angels.

The court has heard that Mr Wainohu, who was alone, sent a message for Hells Angels to assist him when they arrived at the airport.

Mr Hawi said this morning that he had seen Mr Wainohu on the plane and he had told other Commanchero members that he was there.

He agreed that he had looked at Mr Wainohu. He said he spoke to Mr Wainohu but Mr Wainohu had not replied.

When they had come out of the passenger chute at Sydney Airport, he had gone up to speak to Mr Wainohu.

Gang members had congregated and Mr Wainohu had come towards him.

"He came straight at me," he said.

Mr Wainohu had said words to the effect: "I will show you something," or "I will get something."

There had been a scuffle of five to 10 seconds and, soon after, there had been a scuffle in the passenger concourse when people had screamed to call police.

He had wanted to get out of the airport as quickly as possible because he did not want to be arrested.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Three people with connections to the Rock Machine biker gang face weapons charges

Three people with connections to the Rock Machine biker gang face weapons charges after a police chase in East Kildonan early Tuesday.

Winnipeg police say the arrests are part of an ongoing investigation into a feud between rival outlaw motorcycle clubs.

Police said that around 12:30 a.m. the organized crime unit, dog unit and tactical support team tried to pull over a Dodge Avenger at Antrim Road and Rockspur Street. Police say that car tried to make a getaway using quick evasive manoeuvres and that in the melee, three police cars were damaged and three officers were injured.

One of the officers was treated in hospital for head and neck injuries and a possible concussion.

Two men, aged 19 and 20, along with a woman, 23 — from Lorette, Man., — are facing weapons and other charges after a loaded handgun was found in the car. One of the suspects also was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Alleged $3.7m fraud ring brains bailed

THE man police accused of orchestrating a $3.7 million fraud ring that allegedly involved a Hells Angel bikie boss has been granted bail.

Adam Eli Meyer, a husband and father, defrauded or attempted to defraud legitimate businesses of property, luxury cars, a yacht and excavation equipment, police allege.

Meyer, 37, appeared today in Sydney's Central Local Court charged with 12 fraud offences and with one count of dealing with the proceeds of crime.

A number of the offences allegedly involved Felix Lyle, the president of the Sydney chapter of the Hells Angels who has been in custody for two weeks.

Court documents show a string of alleged fraud offences spanning from September 2010 to early this year.

Police say he provided false business and tax documents from a dummy company, BRZ Investments Pty Ltd, in attempts to obtain financing to purchase high-value items.

Four Caterpillar excavators worth $940,000, a Regal Commodore yacht worth $325,000 and $1.2 million Alexandria property was on the wish list.

Other items included four Harley Davidson motorcycles, three Lexus, two Mercedes, two Toyotas and number of computers.

Meyer represented himself as John Formosa during the transactions and attempted transactions, police stated in the court documents.

He colluded with Lyle and Terence Reddy on a number of the alleged fraudulent activities.

"Police have established through covert means that Meyer, Reddy and Lyle have organised the submission of numerous loan applications which they knew to be false," the police statement of facts said.

"The accused persons organised systemic methods to screen third parties making inquiries on the information within the loan applications."

Police have also charged Roger Hassin, also known as Roger Morris, over a number of the alleged offences.

The late Natalie Laffy was listed as director of BRZ Investments and was ailing from terminal cancer at the time the offences took place.

The court documents did not specify what connection she had with the men.

When contacted today, a police spokesman declined to elaborate on Mrs Laffy, stating "more arrests are expected".

In court, Meyer's solicitor Paul Kenny said his client was prepared to comply with strict bail conditions and his parents would provide their houses as collateral.

Magistrate Julie Huber ordered Meyer to have one or two people provide $250,000 in surety in the form of cash or property.

He must surrender his passport, not leave NSW, not approach an international port of departure and not approach Reddy, Hassin or Lyle.

The matters for Meyer, Reddy and Hassin will come before Central Local Court on August 30.

Yesterday, Lyle was again unable to find an acceptable person to post a $100,000 surety in the form of cash to meet his bail conditions.



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