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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Mongols are trying to increase their territory, and they are getting push-back" from Hells Angels

The Mongols, roughly 1,000 strong, are based in East Los Angeles, he said.
"The Mongols are trying to increase their territory, and they are getting push-back" from Hells Angels, Torres said. "Any time there's violence between two gangs like this, who are willing to do physical harm and damage, my concern is for innocent bystanders," Torres said. "I'm very concerned for our community and very concerned for law enforcement - I would hate to see an innocent child, an innocent person, caught in the cross fire."Authorities have described Ablett, the suspect in Guardado's killing, as a rank-and-file member of the Mongols. Police identified him as a suspect in part because of witness descriptions of the killer's motorcycle, which police say matched a bike owned by the Mongol member. Police seized Ablett's motorcycle in a search of the Modesto home where he lives with his parents, but they have been unable to find him.Guardado's funeral in Daly City on Monday drew thousands of bikers from around the United States and as far away as Europe. The proceedings were peaceful.Hells Angels members have declined to speak to reporters since Guardado was killed. An attorney who represented Guardado in a Sonoma County battery case, Pat Ciocca, declined to comment Thursday.Neighbors on Melannie Court were rattled by the blasts and the wave of law enforcement officers who came out to investigate. Police and federal agents sealed off the street and escorted school-bound children through the barricade. Several neighbors said they had no problems with the residents of the house where the bombs went off. Motorcycles occasionally came and went from the home, they said.One neighbor, who did not give his name, said he had been unable to sleep and had been painting his guest room when the bombs went off."It sounded like dynamite," he said. "Boom! Not like firecrackers. A lot louder than that. I used to feel secure on this street, but I guess I don't anymore."

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