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Friday, 3 August 2012

THE police raid on the Melbourne headquarters of the Hells Angels motorcycle club comes as the State Government makes good on its boast to outlaw bikie gangs.

As reported in today's Herald Sun, legislation has been finalised and will soon be put to Parliament. This has been complex and painstaking. Laws to ban the gangs have been challenged in South Australia under legislation upholding freedom of association.

The gangs have increased their activities, particularly in Victoria, where members have moved into debt collecting after licensing requirements for debt collectors were dropped by the Labor government.

The bikies' comic-book appearance belies their vicious behaviour.

Yesterday, police seized drugs and a handgun from the Hells Angels clubhouse where Ball Bearing, the bikie pictured here, was arrested.

Under new laws to crack down on the gangs, the Supreme Court will be able to declare a gang a criminal organisation.


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