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Thursday, 4 September 2008

Hells Angel bikie Christopher Hudson should be jailed for life for shooting one man dead and wounding two other people

Hells Angel bikie Christopher Hudson should be jailed for life for shooting one man dead and wounding two other people Melbourne last year, prosecutors say.Forensic psychologist Jeffrey Cummins told the court, ''He was living a full-on drug-using lifestyle.''Hudson, 30, was high on a cocktail of the drug ice, alcohol and steroids when he went on the shooting spree during peak hour on June 18 last year, the Victorian Supreme Court was told yesterday.Solicitor and father-of-three Brendan Keilar, 43, was fatally wounded and Dutch backpacker Paul de Waard critically injured when they went to the aid of former Sydney model Kaera Douglas, who was being attacked by Hudson.Ms Douglas was also critically wounded in the shooting.Prosecutor Raymond Elston SC said witnesses described Hudson as calm and his actions deliberate before he walked away.''I just couldn't get over how calm he looked when he walked off,'' said one.But defence lawyer Phillip Priest QC said Hudson tried to take his own life after realising the enormity of his actions.The court heard Hudson led a reckless lifestyle, was involved in the night club and strip club scene and regularly used drugs and alcohol.
Mr Cummins said Hudson was addicted to amphetamines, ice and was on steroids at the time of the shooting.He said Hudson often carried a gun after he was shot in the face at a NSW boxing match in 2006, after he defected from the Finks bikie gang to rival club, the Hells Angels.He developed post-traumatic stress disorder after that shooting.Despite this, psychiatrist Daniel Sullivan said Hudson was not psychotic at the time of the shooting and did not have a significant mental disorder, nor a history of depression or anxiety.Dr Sullivan said Hudson did have a history of aggression towards women.A long list of more than 60 previous convictions was presented to Justice Paul Coghlan, many of which included violence, assaults against women and the use and possession of weapons.The prosecution has called for no parole, but the defence is seeking a minimum term, arguing Hudson had shown remorse and pleaded guilty early.Justice Coghlan agreed with the crown that the case had caused shock in the community and a life sentence was worth consideration.
''This is a case where a non-parole period should be imposed,'' he said.
Mr Keilar's sister, Jane Mann, said in her victim statement that his death was a tragic and sad loss that had devastated their close family.The court heard Mr Keilar's widow had not supplied a victim statement because she could not articulate her grief.Hudson pleaded guilty to one count of murder, two of attempted murder and one of intentionally causing serious injury.The court was told that just before the shooting, Hudson had kicked exotic dancer Autumn Daly-Holt until she was unconscious and bleeding on the steps of the King Street club Bar Code.
Hudson then forced his casual lover Ms Douglas to walk with him into an underground car park where he threatened her with a gun.A petrified and screaming Ms Douglas managed to escape and was trying to get inside a taxi when Hudson tried to drag her away by the hair.Hudson shot at Mr Keilar and Mr De Waard and continued firing when they were on the ground after they intervened.

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