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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Angels swept clubhouse for police bugs every week -

Angels swept clubhouse for police bugs every week - "Toronto Hells Angels swept their fortified clubhouse for police listening devices before their weekly meetings, which they called “church” sessions, court heard.
“I would have bug detection equipment,” said David Atwell, a former executive member of the club, who worked as a paid police agent against the club for 18 months between 2005 and 2007.
Atwell, a former security guard supervisor and salesman at a spy equipment shop, told the drugs and guns trial of five Toronto Hells Angels that he also upgraded the security camera system around the clubhouse.
He noted that the clubhouse at 498 Eastern Ave. had a sliding steel front door and concrete pillars — disguised as flower planters — to slow down police battering rams.
The clubhouse was shut down by police in April 2007, at the end of Atwell's time as a police undercover agent."

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