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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Drug sting puts two men in jail - Winnipeg Free Press

Drug sting puts two men in jail - Winnipeg Free Press: "Edwin Panting and Eric Sandberg were two of the most unlikely suspects nabbed last winter in an undercover police sting dubbed 'Project Divide'. The well-educated men had no prior criminal records or substance abuse issues and came from strong family backgrounds with plenty of community support. Neither had direct ties to the outlaw gang but were drawn in by others.
'The sole motivation here was greed,' Crown attorney Chris Mainella told court on Wednesday.
Panting, 25, and Sandberg, 28, were both sentenced to four and-a-half years behind bars, in addition to six months of time already served. Their guilty pleas mean 12 of the 31 suspects have now resolved their cases. Others caught in the criminal net included a former RCMP officer and the cousin of an NHL hockey player."

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