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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Baker’s dozen nabbed in Hells Angels bust

Baker’s dozen nabbed in Hells Angels bust: "arrested was leading HA member Brian Sandberg, who has been prominent in the news over the past few years. Two public shooting attempts on his life were made last year, and he has most recently been in the limelight in connection with a soon to be released biography.

Sandberg reportedly could be charged with at least one count of attempted murder, but police have not indicated which suspects are being charged with which specific crimes so far.

According to Hells Angels spokesman Jørn Jønke Nielsen, two of those arrested have already been charged with attempted murder, although he would not specify who those people were.

Berlingske Tidende newspaper reported that one of the attempted murder plots involved targeting ‘Little A’, a top figure in the city’s Nørrebro district gang milieu.

The five known instances of attempted murder police are addressing in their charges are all in Copenhagen and include: 9 October 2009, Rantzausgade Street, Nørrebro district; 11 September 2009, Skelbækgade Street, Vesterbro; 30 June 2009, Nytorv Square, city centre; 25 April 2009, Gartnergade Street, Nørrebro; and 22 April, Baggesensgade Street, Nørrebro."

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