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Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Hells Angels love triangle

Gangsters Out Blog: The Hells Angels love triangle: "Dustin LaFortune torture case has reopened the Danny Tokarchuk murder trial. Although that case was complicated and had contradictory accusations one underlining thread emerges. The Zig Zag crew sold drugs for the Hells Angels and was involved in several murders fighting over the drugs they sold. That pattern continues in British Columbia.

Danny Tokarchuk was accused of killing Trevor Savoie. He claimed it was in self defense. They both were drug dealers affiliated with the Zig Zag crew in Winnipeg which is a puppet club of the Hells Angels. Tokarchuk claimed he started using the product and owed money to Savoie and thereby feared for his life.

The court was told Savoie 'certainly had some dangerous and physical friends. You've heard about (Ian) Grant, (Sean) Wolfe, (Dale) Donovan and (Darren) Hunter.'

Kevin made a videotaped statement to police shortly after Savoie's murder. On it, he said Savoie contacted him multiple times asking about the whereabouts of Daniel, who had escaped to Toronto shortly before the murder. Savoie was trying to claim his debt.

Morrison noted that Donovan had a memorial tattooed on his arm that included Savoie's face and date of death. Jurors were shown pictures of Donovan, the tattoo and several other bikers including Grant, Wolfe and Hunter.

Kevin Tokarchuk, Daniel's brother, was shot dead exactly one year after Savoie's killing in a suspected case of gang retribution. No arrests have been made."

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