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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Strong police presence at bikie court appearance

Strong police presence at bikie court appearance | Perth Now: "POLICE maintained a heavy presence at the Perth District Court today, amid fears an ongoing bikie feud would erupt between Rebels and Rock Machine bikie gangs.

The contingent of officers from the Gang Crime Squad and the Perth police station rallied at the Central Law Courts in Hay St at 12.30pm after concerns were raised that Rebels bikies were in close proximity to the rival gang, the Rock Machine.

Police said a member of the Rock Machine had been appearing in court today and there was concern the ongoing dispute would resurface.

One man, a Rebels member, was arrested for disorderly conduct outside the court, while a woman who was with the group at the time was taken into custody for failing to provide personal details to police.

They were taken to Curtin House, the detectives headquarters in Beaufort St, where other members of the gang waited outside while they were questioned by police.

Both the man and woman will be summonsed to appear in court at a later date."

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