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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Japan gang-member admits assaulting kabuki star

AFP: Japan gang-member admits assaulting kabuki star: "A 27-year-old man pleaded guilty on Friday to charges of assaulting and injuring a kabuki star in a drunken bar brawl that has drawn huge media coverage and tainted the classical theatre form's image.
Hokusai The Actor Ichikawa Ebizo Art Poster- 11x17 custom fit with RichAndFramous Black 11 inch Poster HangersLion Ito, described by media as a former motorcycle gang member of Japanese-American descent, admitted assaulting Ebizo Ichikawa in the small hours of November 25 at a club in a nightlife district in Tokyo.
Ichikawa, 33, known as the 'prince' of kabuki, sustained serious injuries to his head and body requiring two months of treatment, according to the indictment.
The actor suffered a depressed fracture in his left cheekbone and lost a front tooth in the fight. Kabuki organisers have suspended him from performing for an indefinite period.
In the first hearing on the case at the Tokyo District Court, prosecutors asked Ito if there was any mistake in the indictment.
'No, there is none. It is alright,' Ito replied.
Ito's lawyer told the hearing that his act was 'excessive self-defence' in an effort to protect the former leader of his motorcycle gang, who was overly drunk at the time."

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