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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Outlaws motorcycle President Guilty - wtvr

Outlaws motorcycle President Guilty - wtvr: "federal jury has found the national president of the Outlaws motorcycle club, Jack Rosga, guilty in his second trial.

Rosga was accused of participating in a criminal enterprise responsible for a variety of violent crimes, most of them in a turf war with the rival Hell's Angels. Defense attorneys claimed the government was trying to make several isolated incidents look like a conspiracy.

Three other defendents were also convicted. They'll be sentenced April 8th.

In November a federal jury in Richmond deadlocked in the charges against Rosga. That jury acquitted two co-defendants and convicted another on two on four counts.

Rosga has been in custody since he and 26 other biker gang members from several states were arrested in June. More than half entered guilty pleas."

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