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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Policewoman accused of helping Hells Angels gang

Policewoman accused of helping Hells Angels gang: "policewoman faced Ballarat Magistrates Court this morning over allegations she improperly searched the force's database after developing a relationship with a high-ranking figure of the Hells Angels gang.
Senior Constable Lauren Conte, of Linton, is alleged to have inappropriately searched the force's LEAP database after forming a friendship with the sergeant-at-arms Hells Angels' Nomads bikie club, Paul Peterson.
Senior Constable Conte appeared briefly in court where her lawyer, Mike Wardell, made an application for an adjournment.
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Lauren Conte Magistrate Kay Robertson did not object and adjourned the case until December 8 for a contested mention.
The Office of Public Prosecutions has taken over the prosecution of the case"

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