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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Ex-cop angry at views, treatment of Angels

Dear Editor: Ex-cop angry at views, treatment of Angels
Many memories raced through my head seeing the boarded up clubhouse, fenced off and abandoned. My thoughts turned to anger remembering how this clubhouse was the hub and a place to plan peaceful events that poured $$ millions back into the city's economy. The clubhouse had been seized under the B.C. Civil Forfeiture Act of 2007, which is nothing more than legalized theft of personal property.

My anger turned to sadness thinking about Zeke who disappeared in May of '93. It wasn't long for anger to return as I wondered how hard the RCMP are trying to solve Zeke's disappearance.

I'm a former cop who at first bought into the propaganda. Once I exercised critical thinking skills and learned about men like Zeke, I realized how narrow some opinions were and how laws have become one-sided, targeting individuals without cause, but rather because they fit the image police say, are the bad guys.

Contrary to public perception, mostly generated by law enforcement and ignorance, the Hells Angels are a club of motorcycle enthusiasts made up of very normal, law-abiding citizens -- fathers, brothers, a few grandfathers, working and retired, loving family men, who pay their taxes on time.

1 comment:

eea925f2-3876-11e0-96ab-000bcdca4d7a said...

As an EX Corrections Officer and Biker I agree whole heartedly. Id protect my brothers as if the were blood brothers and family. thats our God given right.


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