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Monday, 15 November 2010

2 Arrested on Drugs, Weapons Charges in Chino Valley

2 Arrested on Drugs, Weapons Charges in Chino Valley: "On Friday, Yavaai County Sheriff’s deputies went to the neighborhood where a shootout took place between two biker gangs last August in Chino Valley.
Deputies said they arrested two people for firing a gun inside a vacant home.
Dennis Carroll, 38, and Tracey Tatum, 41, drove up to an empty house, and Carroll allegedly went inside and started firing rounds, deputies said.
Deputies caught up with the pair, and after searching their car, arrested them on drugs and weapons charges.
The house was less than a block from the scene of a major shootout in August.
Deptuties said the pair also confronted people at that home just before they were arrested on firearms and drug violations."

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