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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Bikie boss gets bail on affray charge « nike air max 89 shoes

Bikie boss gets bail on affray charge : "Hawi, 28, has been held in custody since his April 6 arrest over the fight in Sydney’s domestic terminal on March 22 that claimed the life of 29-year-old Anthony Zervas.
Hawi took his bail application to the NSW Supreme Court after it was initially knocked back in a lower court.
Prosecutors had argued there was a presumption against bail for the affray charge, and that a previous conviction meant Hawi should remain behind bars.
But Justice Megan Latham disagreed, saying the presumption against bail only counted for offences of a greater scale – such as a riot charge.
Hawi’s earlier criminal conviction in the juvenile court was not to be taken into consideration, she said.
On Thursday, Justice Latham was told Hawi’s wife Carolina Gonzales was 31 weeks into an “at risk pregnancy” and could go into labour at any time.
On Friday, she found Ms Gonzales did need her husband at home to help her through the pregnancy and birth.
“The material before me establishes the applicant’s wife is likely to give birth prematurely,” the judge said"

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