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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Terrence Tongolini to serve a minimum eight years jail.

A sex predator former Hells Angel who set fire to businesses as part of an extortion racket that left his victims fearing for their lives, has been jailed.Terrence Tognolini used his bikie status to threaten, bully and blackmail businesses who failed to meet his demands, the County Court in Melbourne heard today.
But Tognolini, already behind bars for eight years for offences including drug dealing and a sex attack on a young girl, will serve a concurrent sentence that adds only 18 months' jail time for his campaign of fear and violence.Tognolini ran a hydroponics business and, during his eight-year reign of terror, targeted five hydroponic businesses around Melbourne that were competitors.He threatened violence and arson if they did not stock his items or hand over thousands of dollars in cash.Some properties were set alight in arson attacks and Tognolini told one victim he would "cut his eyes out" and threatened to kill him and his family if he did not meet his demands for money.Many of his victims lived in fear, too scared to go to police for fear of retribution.In October 2009, a County Court jury found Tognolini guilty of nine counts of blackmail, three of arson, one of threatening to damage property and one of indecent assault over the racket.Tognolini - who has 19 prior convictions including for drugs, armed robbery, and carrying a loaded firearm - is already serving a minimum six-and-a-half year jail term for sex offences against teenage girls.The court heard the Hells Angels inked over Tognolini's club tattoos and expelled him when the child sex offences came to lightToday, Judge Lance Pilgrim jailed Tognolini for 12 years, which is to be served concurrently with his existing jail term.The judge set a minimum term of eight years before Tognolini is eligible to apply for parole.
A former member of the Hells Angels, who is also a person of interest in the murder investigation of a Bendigo woman, has been sentenced to 12 years jail for an extortion racket he ran in the mid 1990s.
A Victorian County Court judge ordered Terrence Tongolini to serve a minimum eight years jail.
Police believe the 45-year-old may be linked to the murder of single mother Vicki Jacobs.She was shot dead while sleeping beside her six-year-old son in their Long Gully home in 1999.

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