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Saturday, 3 July 2010

motorcycle gang presence in Kern -

Police concerned about motorcycle gang presence in Kern - "Mongols, Vagos and Hell's Angels. 'We are trained very well in gang enforcement. Criminal actions will not be tolerated and we will be very proactive.'
He and gang officer Eric Littlefield urged the public to keep a hands-off approach to any sightings of gang members, but to be 'good witnesses' if something does happen.
Their comments follow a May 30 stabbing death in Oildale that sheriff's reports indicate could be a rivalry between the Vagos and the Hell's Angels. Because of that incident and a warning from the sheriff's department, organizers of the annual Bakersfield Thunder Run canceled the June 12 event that was scheduled to begin at the Kern County Fairgrounds.
Aldana and Littlefield revealed for the first time Friday that last year's Thunder Run was marred by 'a tense standoff' between about 20 members each of Hell's Angels and Vagos.
Deputies were present during the standoff and Bakersfield police officers, who had just left the event, returned, Aldana said. The police presence quelled any criminal activity and no arrests were made, he said.
Also, no arrests have been made in the May 30 stabbing death of 18-year-old Roger Anthony Violano and the wounding of Nerl Rinehart in front of the Pirate Tattoo Shop in the 1900 block of North Chester Avenue."

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