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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Son of Hells Angels associate held after assault

Son of Hells Angels associate held after assault: "19-year-old son of a suspected Hells Angels associate is in custody following a daring daylight assault and robbery outside an Aldergrove community police office.
Caylen Pelletier is one of three men accused of running another man down in a car last Sunday.
Pelletier's father, Leonard, made headlines in 2007 after he and Caylen's then-14-year-old brother escaped severe injury after crashing their Hummer in a hail of gunfire near Peterson Road elementary school just as morning classes were beginning.
Langley RCMP received a call just after noon on Sunday from a young man complaining that three men had run him down in their car as he was walking in the 27000-block of the Fraser Highway.
The unidentified victim, who police said was visibly shaken by the incident, was walking to meet a friend in Aldergrove when a four-door Pontiac pulled up beside him."

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