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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Man used biker claims to terrorize girlfriends

Man used biker claims to terrorize girlfriends: "31-year-old man who pretended to be an outlaw biker so his girlfriends wouldn't report it when he raped, beat and stole from them was sentenced to six years in prison Wednesday.
Peter Guido admitted that he pretended to be a member of the elite Hells Angels Nomads and routinely told the two women that their lives would be at risk if they didn't submit to his demands for money and sex.
'Mr. Guido lived a parasitic lifestyle off each of these women in an atmosphere of fear that he carefully created and manipulated through lies and threats,' said Ontario Court Justice Lynn Ratushny.
Ratushny said Guido gained each woman's trust, and once in a relationship, began lying and bragging about his supposed connections to the Hells Angels -- including that he was the nephew of their president Paul 'Sasquatch' Porter -- and about disposing of dead bodies."

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