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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Warlocks Motorcycle Gang

Warlocks Motorcycle Gang: "1971, was the year when “The Warlocks Motorcycle Gang” also known as the Warlocks MC or Warlocks Motorcycle Club started. According to “Billy Warlock”, it all started with Park Benches and hippies. He said his original ambition was to become a Fireman and was hesitant about joining the club at first. Billy Warlock has been a member of the Warlock’s for 36 years now. He said that the Warlocks Motorcycle Gang centralized in Philadelphia and extended out to Atlantic City.

Billy Warlock said that they were not sure that “Warlocks Motorcycle Gang” would still be around today and that they formed the club out of survival. He said that the “Warlocks Motorcycle Gang” is still a real Strong"

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