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Friday, 21 May 2010

B.C. appeal court sides with Hells Angel associate on grow-op search

B.C. appeal court sides with Hells Angel associate on grow-op search: "Five members of the court sided with appellant and Hells Angel associate Jason Cyrus Arkinstall in ruling two parts of the Safety Standards Act are unconstitutional.
Chief Justice Lance Finch said two sections of the act that 'authorize the warrantless entry and inspection of residential premises for the regulatory purpose of inspecting electrical systems for safety risks that may be related to marijuana grow-operations, they infringe the appellants' rights under section 8 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.'"

1 comment:

cranbrook fan said...

at least Mr. Arkinstall had the PARTS to stick up for our rights...come on...they "THOUGHT'he was doing somthing illegal??? so they cut off his familys POWER, no wonder the RCMP always end up looking SO STUPID. we should be THANKING Mr arkinstall, next time it could be you they "THINK" is doing somthin illegal,the RCMP should do us a favor and STOP THINKING...they are not good aty it. the family must have had an 'ARK ANGEL" watching over them. cranbrook fan


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