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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Baker’s dozen nabbed in Hells Angels bust

Baker’s dozen nabbed in Hells Angels bust: "Copenhagen Police carried out one of their biggest actions against gang crime yesterday after storming several Hells Angels clubhouses in the city area, arresting 13 people.The arrests are reportedly in connection with at least five instances of attempted murder, primarily targeting members of rival immigrant gangs. The police’s raids included clubhouses in the city’s Nørrebro district and in the suburb of Ishøj, where 800g of explosives were confiscated during the action.According to Ekstra Bladet newspaper, police were given the information they needed to make the arrests from a presently jailed Hells Angels member.In the arrests, police took in four official Hells Angels members, seven members of the gang’s support group AK81 and two additional non-gang members."

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