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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Lawrence Dean Bergstrom wanted member of the Nanaimo Hells Angels arrested on Friday

Lawrence Dean Bergstrom was arrested at 11 a.m. along Foul Bay Road near Kings Road. He made his first court appearance in the afternoon.
The day before, Nanaimo RCMP conducted a search warrant at Bergstrom's home south of Nanaimo.Officers discovered police identification and uniforms, stolen computers and other items used for identity theft.Two men were arrested but Bergstrom was not at the house and police issued a warrant for his arrest.Victoria police acting sergeant Conor King confirmed Bergstrom's identity and that he was arrested without incident. He could not confirm any other details about the arrest.A nearby resident, however, watched the arrest take place.
Greg Kent heard the sirens from his house and went to watch. Over the loudspeaker, he heard officers order a driver to throw his keys out the window and leave his vehicle.Kent saw four officers pointing their guns at a man inside a black Infinity. He watched as Bergstrom was ordered to walk backwards on his knees towards the officers. Police then handcuffed him and searched his pockets, withdrawing what looked like a white package.

1 comment:

Leviathan said...

outlaw bikers? are you serious?

you honestly think that people who have a class6 license, like Bergstrom- are the only human begins who break the law? if so, you're sadly mistaken.

what a pathetic website, i laugh at you simpletons.


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