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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

2/2 Hells Angels Maurice Mom Boucher | Quebec Blog Official Site

2/2 Hells Angels Maurice Mom Boucher | Quebec Blog Official Site: "Maurice “Mom” Boucher (born June 21, 1953) is a high-ranking Hells Angels member and a Canadian convicted criminal. Boucher is married and has a son, Francis, who was a member of the Rockers MC, a Hells Angels puppet gang in montreal. During the intense war between the Hells Angels and the Rock Machine, he ordered the murders of quebec correctional officers Diane Lavigne and Pierre Rondeau. Both officers had been chosen at random. Besides the blow to the judicial system in Quebec, Boucher wanted crimes committed by bikers that would be so serious that prosecutors wouldn’t want to make deals to turn bikers into informants. Boucher was convicted for those murders (on the second attempt) with the help of a police informer in May 2002. The key witness for the prosecution was Stephane Gagne, nicknamed Godasse, who was involved in both murders. He testified he was ordered to carry out the killings by Boucher lieutenants Andre (Toots) Tousignant and Paul (Fon Fon) Fontaine and was later congratulated by Boucher himself. After 11 days of deliberation by the jury, Boucher was found guilty of attempted murder and two counts of first-degree murder. Boucher received an automatic life sentence, with no possibility of parole for at least 25 years. Boucher has gained notoriety in Quebec similar to mafia figures like Frank Cotroni during the 1970s. He is currently detained in the only Canadian Super-Maximum security penitentiary located in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, north of Montreal."

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