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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Ellen Hall, 53, and Russell "Rustie" Hall,They are suspicious deaths. We suspect foul play

Ellen Hall, 53, and Russell "Rustie" Hall, also 53, according to a police news release. According to provincial property records, the house is owned by Ellen and James R. Hall.Officers found the bodies when they responded to a 911 call at 7:30 this morning, said RCMP Sgt. Brigdit Leger. Police have ordered an autopsy, though one is not scheduled yet."They are suspicious deaths. We suspect foul play," Leger said at the scene Friday afternoon, as investigators continued to gather evidence from inside a grey, two-storey home, trimmed in white.
Investigators were also interviewing nearby neighbours.When asked about possible connections between the deaths and motorcycle gangs, Leger would not comment.
She also would not say if the 911 call was made by someone inside the house.
"You have to understand this is very early in the investigation," she told Friday morning.On Friday afternoon, two vehicles, including a red pickup truck, could be seen in the driveway of the home.A neighbour on the Barr Settlement Road confirmed that the home belongs to James (Rustie) and Ellen Hall.
"It's a different shaped home. It has a lot of skylights," said the neighbour who explained that she never socialized with the couple.The woman moved to the road about 11 years ago and she believes the Halls had been living on the street sometime before her arrival.While some neighbours were reluctant to speak to reporters, one woman came to her door with her three-year-old daughter by her side."We don't know them very well at that house because we keep to ourselves," she said, as the little girl chewed on a soother and smiled shyly.
"It's usually so quiet on this road. I wonder what in the name of God happened inside that house." Another neighbour who came to her door was awake overnight Thursday and had seen a car drive by at about 2 a.m. headed in the same direction as the Halls' home.Other residents said the couple once owned a variety store in nearby Nine Mile River, but sold it a few years ago.One man described the Halls as "decent people."
He said they are "hobby motorcyclists", but added "they weren't members of the Hells Angels, by any means, to my knowledge."On her Facebook profile, which had been removed by early Friday afternoon, Ellen Hall boasted of her love for her three "beautiful" grandchildren. Her page contained dozens of photos of them. Hall wrote that her adult children, Angela and Mike, both live in Alberta and that she missed them "very much".She said she liked to do crafts and scrapbooking in the winter, but she and Rustie "love going on our Harley to bike events" during the summer. Under her profile picture, Hall had written "Live out Loud very loud!!"
One of her Facebook friends was listed as Scott O'Reilly, who was an officer with the East Coast Riders Motorcycle Club and still owns the Waverley site of the East Coast Riders clubhouse which burned down in April 2007. O'Reilly has been pictured with his arm around a member of the Hells Angels.In January, the RCMP said the East Coast Riders had "patched over" to form a new chapter of the Hells Angels-affiliated Bacchus club in New Brunswick.
RCMP cars travelled back and forth Friday along the rutted and heaving roadway. Many people were speculating about what was going on.
Officers who have the road blocked off near the home were turning the curious away without giving any details, one man said.East Hants municipal councillor Greg Grant, who represents the area including Barr Settlement Road, said people in the neighbourhood would be shocked to learn what had happened in their community."It's a very quiet community on a dirt road," he said.
"Activity like that, it would be extremely rare anywhere, but it's unheard of out there."According to provincial records, the 2010 tax-assessed value of the Halls' property is $162,200 residential and $2,200 resource.
Barr Settlement is a small community in East Hants, about an hour's drive from Halifax.

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