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Monday, 18 June 2012

Hells Angels accused of assaulting police

father and son were part of a large group of Hells Angels bikies in Kings Cross who assaulted, threatened and intimidated police, a magistrate has been told. Detective Senior Constable Mark Spice said Michael Doyle spat saliva in his eye, and threatened to take a contract out on "all your c***s" if his son wasn't okay. Det Spice said the son, Zeke Doyle, whom he saw punch two officers, threatened to kill him, saying, "I'm the wrong c*** to f*** with". Advertisement: Story continues below Michael Doyle, 50, and his 23-year-old son, of Oakdale, pleaded not guilty in Sydney's Downing Centre Local Court to charges including assaulting, resisting and intimidating police. Their barrister, Peter Doyle (no relation), suggested to Det Spice on Monday that he was not in fear of or intimidated by the pair after they were on the ground, face-down and in handcuffs. He disagreed, saying he feared they could take some action against him, such as a "drive-by at my house, I could be followed home from work, it could be anything". Det Spice, from Strike Force Raptor which was set up to target bikie violence, said the Doyles were in a group of about 50 to 60 Hells Angels walking in a "structured line" around midnight on February 4 through Kings Cross. He heard a number yelling out,: "Where's that dog Wis?", which he believed was a reference to a Nomad bikie who had previously been associated with the Hells Angels. Det Spice said he had responded to an urgent call for assistance and used a digital camera to record the bikies, who greatly outnumbered police. Det Spice said Michael Doyle glared at him so he shone his torch in Doyle's face as lighting for the camera and told him to go. After Doyle spat in his eye, Det Spice said he used capsicum spray on him in fear of further assault and he used it again on Doyle's son when he saw him punch another officer. He said he called Doyle senior "you grub" when he arrested him for spitting on him. Under cross-examination, he agreed the son Zeke Doyle suffered a wound on his forehead but denied using his baton to inflict the injury or having seen what caused it. He denied suggestions that when the bikies were walking along, police were calling, "Move along you maggots, keep walking you dogs." He further denied a suggestion that police kicked at the heels of Doyle senior three times before he turned around and spat. Sen Constable Ben Laborato testified that Zeke Doyle punched him in the face, leaving him with marks and a bloody nose. The hearing is continuing.

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