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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Eight suspected Hells Angels members allegedly involved in drug trafficking and intimidation have been arrested in eastern Ontario.

They are suspected of being connected to the Ontario Nomads branch of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang, and were arrested between Jan. 14 and 18. One warrant remains outstanding.The arrests were the result of an investigation involving the Ontario Provincial Police, the RCMP and several local police forces in the region, said an OPP news release Wednesday. Investigators said the operation was launched in August 2007 after police in the area received complaints about drug trafficking and intimidation.The nine people, including one person who is not in custody, are facing a total of 302 charges related to drugs, weapons, assaults and gang activity.“We’ve got some fully automatic weapons with silencers, brass knuckles, a large amount of jewelry with the insignia of the Hells Angels,” said Det. Pat Benoit, of the Kingston Police, who worked on the case.As part of the investigation, police conducted searches and seized an estimated $249,000 worth of cocaine, cannabis resin and marijuana, and cash totalling $53,000. They also seized a sawed-off shotgun, a machine-gun with silencer and nine handguns.Investigators said they also impounded numerous vehicles, including cars, boats, ATVs and two Harley-Davidson motorcycles.An arrest warrant is still outstanding for Conklin.Those charged include eight men and one woman. The following people have been charged:
Tracy Anne O’Neil, 26, of Brockville.

Ian Conklin, 45, of North Augusta Township.

Blaine Donner, 37, of Brockville.

Craig Haines, 29, of Ottawa.

Jameson Murray, 22, of Ottawa.

Dwayne William Brugma, 26, of Brockville.

Lloyd Macdonald, 39, of Ottawa.

Ryan Albert Morton, 26, of Lansdowne.

Mario Sincennes, 45, of Ottawa.
An arrest warrant is still outstanding for Conklin.

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