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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Jason William Brown, 34, was among 18 members of the Hells Angels or associates arrested

Jason Brown, 35, and his girlfriend Terra George, 24, are facing numerous drug and weapons-related charges following a co-ordinated police raid on Brown's Aldergrove residence Nov. 12, but so far the two have not surrendered to police.The multi-jurisdictional bust took place in the 26900 block of 26A Avenue and nabbed a 9mm handgun, a loaded magazine, boxes of ammunition, $80,000 worth of cocaine, $12,000 in cash, body armour and an RS-logoed jacket along with one kilogram of methamphetamine valued at $25,000.George and Brown are charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking methamphetamine, possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine, possession of a restricted weapon and the additional charge against Brown of possession of a firearm while prohibited.Brown has a 10-year-ban from owning a firearm following his arrest in a 2007 police biker investigation dubbed "E-Pandora," and was pegged as an associate of the Angels.He was convicted for conspiracy to commit an indictable offence at the time and given a four-year sentence.The Abbotsford Police Department, Langley RCMP, the Integrated Gang Task Force and the Lower Mainland Emergency Response Unit were all involved in the raid as Brown is "very well known" to police in several jurisdictions and has a long history of interaction with authorities for drugs, weapons and violence, according to APD Const. Ian MacDonald."This individual was probably on multiple radar screens," MacDonaldd said, adding that police intelligence indicated a seizure of this scope was indicative of a mid- to high-level gang operative.MacDonald said that Brown's arrest shows that the Scorpions are still active in the Fraser Valley and do not seem to be suffering any ill effects from the incarceration of high-profile members involved in the Surrey Six slayings.Jason William Brown, 34, was among 18 members of the Hells Angels or associates arrested in 2005 in Vancouver and Kelowna. The two-year RCMP investigation was dubbed Project E-Pandora.Red Scorpions gang member wanted by police after a raid on his Aldergrove home last Thursday had connections with the Hells Angels.Brown was described in an RCMP news release at that time as an "associate" of the East End Hells Angels, which was planning to set up a chapter in Kelowna.He was charged with two counts of conspiracy to produce/traffic methamphetamine and two counts of commission of an offence in association with a criminal organization.Abbotsford Police released his name this week as one of two people wanted in connection with the Aldergrove raid in the 26900 block of 26 A Ave.Abbotsford Police spokesman Ian MacDonald said Brown's background is indicative of the kind of people involved with gangs such as the Red Scorpions and the UN Gang.Some will work within two gangs at once, while others will break ties with one to move on to another. This differs from the U.S., where allegiances are tied to one organization, MacDonald said."If you went to the wrong street corner, there is no forgiveness (in the States)," MacDonald said.Brown and Terra Lynn George, 24, are each charged with two counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking (one count each for cocaine and one each for methamphetamine), possession of a restricted weapon and possession of property obtained by crime.Brown faces an additional charge of possession of a firearm while prohibited.Abbotsford Police spokesman Ian MacDonald said the two have not yet been apprehended. Nobody was home at the time of the bust, when police seized two kilograms of cocaine, one kilogram of meth, a 9-mm handgun, a loaded magazine, two bulletproof vests, Red Scorpions clothing, and about $12,000 cash.Brown's criminal history dates back to 1998, when he was convicted of possession of a narcotic for the purpose of trafficking, according to provincial court records.Since then, he has racked up numerous charges and convictions throughout the Lower Mainland, including in Surrey, Vancouver, Delta, Richmond, Port Coquitlam Victoria and New Westminster. These include driving while prohibited, "personation with intent to gain advantage" and obstructing a peace officer.

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