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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Hells Angels biker has been killed in a huge brawl at Sydney Airport with rival club the Comancheros

Hells Angels biker has been killed in a huge brawl at Sydney Airport with rival club the Comancheros, in one of the most brazen attacks in outlaw bikie history.The man, 28, was knocked to the ground during the brawl — involving at least 10 men — and bashed repeatedly in the head with a metal bollard at the airport's terminal three — one of the most monitored public places in Australia.The attack came only hours after the Sydney-based Bandidos had engaged in another night of drive-by shootings at six homes in Auburn, though that is believed to be linked to a feud with an interstate club, Notorious.Several days ago The Age was told the Bandidos planned to fly in members from interstate to deal with the worsening feud with Notorious; it's believed the airport fight involved the new "troops".The man killed, while a Hells Angel, was friendly with the Bandidos and travelled with them. It is believed the attackers were a group of about 10 Comanchero members.Initial police reports suggested the dead man may also have been stabbed.The brawl is believed to be the result of a feud between the Hells Angels and the Comancheros that flared after the bombing of the Angels' Petersham clubhouse in February.While police have long suspected Notorious as being responsible, underworld sources have indicated the Comancheros were behind the attack. That attack led to tension between the clubs and, ultimately, yesterday's murder.NSW Premier Nathan Rees announced he would talk with Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione this morning.Police Minister Tony Kelly promised to "throw every resource" into the investigation of yesterday's violence and foreshadowed new laws to attempt to stifle the clubs' operations.It appears certain that the NSW Government will introduce legislation to deal with the bikie issue.

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