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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Cameraman filming the police stopping of a car full of AK81 gang members

Cameraman filming the police stopping of a car full of AK81 gang members, has been threatened and pushed by one of the gangsters during the incident late yesterday afternoon, reports broadcaster TV2.Police had been on alert as a court case involving Hells Angels spokesman Jørn ‘Jønke’ Nielsen was taking place in the Eastern High Court in the central city.He and AK81 member Esben Hertz were yesterday acquitted of charges implicating them in a stabbing.Not long after the trial’s conclusion, the car carrying the members of AK81, a Hells Angels support group, was stopped on Store Kongensgade, a street near the court house, just outside The Copenhagen Post offices. When a TV2 cameraman began filming the incident, one of the gang members walked over to him, told him to shut off the camera and pushed him away.’Luckily nothing happened to me or the camera, but I can thank the police’s quick intervention for that,’ said the TV2 employee.It is unclear if the police will charge the temperamental gang member.

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