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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Gang war between the Hells Angels and the immigrant Muslims fighting for drug turf.

The Danish police is looking for perpetrators of shooting in the danish gang war between the Hells Angels and the immigrant Muslims fighting for drug turf. A 19-year-old Muslim man is still in mortal danger after being shooting at Vesterbro. Police believe it is related to gang conflict between the Hells Angels and Muslim immigrants. The Danish police the perpetrators of the shooting of the 19-year old Muslim are to be found in the biker community. The police is operating on the theory that the shooting was part of the ongoing conflict in the Copenhagen gang war between the bikers and the numerous immigrant Muslim gangs."We are basing the theory partly on the way the shooting was carried out and partly on the victim's relationship with the people behind the kiosk, which is related to gang conflict and the group around Blågårds place," says detective Knud Hvass from the Copenhagen police gang unit to The politiken newspaper. The 19-year-old Muslim was hit three times in the stomach. His condition remains critical, and doctors at the National Hospital has chosen to keep him in artificial coma in order save his organs.The shooting took place at a Station kiosk at Skelbækgade by Dybbølsbro at 8:30 pm last night. Police have not found the weapon, but, according to Police's intelligence director, it is probably a nine-millimeter pistol. Witnesses saw two to three people driving in a light car from the crime scene in the direction of Fisketorvet in a high speed. The police believe that this is the same VW Golf that moments after was extinguishes by the fire department in Otto Busses Vej at Copenhagen harbor. "We are convinced that this is the escape car. Obviously the burned vehicle makes it harder for us because will not leave us any biological trace elements," said Knud Hvass The Danish police does want to divulge any further evidence, but promises to reveal more at the preliminary hearing.
'The witness testimonies are contradictory. Some are talking about two perpetrators, others saw three. And ,at the moment, I'm unable to give a detailed description of them," said detective Knud Hvass.

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