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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sydney bikie known as the "enforcer" within the Comanchero and had a argument with Ibrahim only a week before the 35-year-old was shot

The Sydney bikie is known as an "enforcer" within the Comanchero and had a public argument with Ibrahim only a week before the 35-year-old was shot.shootings links of Fadi Ibrahim and Hells Angel Peter Zervas, with a well-known Comanchero now a major suspect in both cases.Sources have indicated that a visit to Silverwater jail by Mr Ibrahim and the Comanchero, and a subsequent argument, may have been the spark that led to the shooting.The pair had seen each other after visiting different people at the jail. Mr Ibrahim was there to see his older brother Hassan, or "Sam", on remand over the alleged kidnapping of a teenage boy earlier this year.According to one crime source, the pair started yelling at each other in front of prison guards and other visitors. "[The Comanchero] was saying, 'It's on, between you and me'," the source said.A week later, on June 5, Mr Ibrahim was shot five times as he sat in his black Lamborghini outside his Castle Cove home.
The Comanchero and the Notorious gang have been in conflict, and Notorious has been previously linked with some of the Ibrahim brothers. Mr Ibrahim had been dining with a senior member of Notorious, Alen Sarkis, at the Rose Bay restaurant, Catalina, only hours before he was shot.The suspect is not one of the six Comanchero charged with riot and affray over the fatal March 22 airport brawl.The Herald has previously revealed that another man, a former bikie and methamphetamine cook, is another prime suspect in the Ibrahim shooting, following bad blood over a six-figure debt.One source said it was well-known in the underworld that the Comanchero had shot Mr Zervas, on March 29, in anticipation of expected retribution for the death of Mr Zervas's younger brother, Anthony, during the fatal airport brawl.Police also consider a member of the Comanchero as a major suspect in the Zervas shooting.There are also other similarities between the shootings, with both men shot as they arrived home just before midnight by a person with a pistol. That person then ran across a road and disappeared - into a golf course at Castle Cove and a small park at Lakemba.In the Lakemba shooting police described the gunman as having a muscular build, wearing dark clothes and with collar-length hair. No description was given of the shooter at Castle Cove. Another similarity is that both men survived what appeared to be determined attempts on their lives, suggesting the killer was probably not "professional", sources said.Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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