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Monday, 27 April 2009

Leading member of the Hells Angels support group AK81, who was run down in Copenhagen

Police have found two cars involved in the hit and run of a leading member of the Hells Angels support group AK81, who was run down in Copenhagen on Sunday.Two cars and a motorbike linked to weekend gang crime incidents have been found by police in various city locationsEsben Hertz, 26, was apparently forced from his Ford Mondeo on Jagtvej Road in the Nørrebro district before being intentionally run over by a black Renault Scenic twice. Hertz is said to be in a good condition after suffering a broken arm and undergoing hip surgery.Hertz is a close friend of Jørn Jønke Nielsen, the spokesman for the Hells Angels biker gang, and has been referred to as Nielsen’s bodyguard by various media.
The Renault car used by the two perpetrators was found on nearby Tagensvej Road, while Hertz’s Ford was found burnt out in the Tingbjerg area.Police have also found the motorbike used in Saturday’s shooting, when a 20-year-old man was targeted in Nørrebro. Two men fired at least seven shots from an automatic weapon at the man as he sat in a car. The man escaped with minor injuries to his buttocks. The burnt out bike was found in Holbæk, west of the city.The latest string of incidents in the gang conflict between bikers and immigrant gangs comes after a heavy police crackdown, which saw 50 days of peace in the city.

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