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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Jayme Russell alleged leader of the local chapter of the Independent Soldiers is expected to return to a Kamloops courtroom

alleged leader of the local chapter of the Independent Soldiers is expected to return to a Kamloops courtroom today to be sentenced after he was convicted earlier this year of drug trafficking.Jayme Russell’s sentencing comes days after another high-ranking Independent Soldier — Kelowna resident Donald Lyons — was handed more than eight years in prison for his part in another drug-trafficking ring.On Jan. 20, a judge found Russell, 27, guilty of conspiring to sell a kilogram of cocaine to a pair of undercover Mounties in 2007.At trial, the man Kamloops RCMP have called the leader of the local cell of the Independent Soldiers said he had no idea where to get drugs, and was joking when he agreed to sell a kilogram for $35,000.B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert Powers called Russell’s story “simply incredible” and refused to accept his evidence.Lyons, 36, pleaded guilty in Winnipeg Friday to trafficking cocaine to undercover cops in a separate investigation, and was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in prison.
Lawyers there have said the Independent Soldiers are connected with the Hells Angels in B.C., citing wire-tapped phone calls in which a high-ranking Hells Angels member in Kelowna said the two gangs “look after” each other.Lester Jones, the vice-president of the Kelowna Hells Angels chapter, was close friends with Lyons, and was sentenced last summer to 10 years in jail for his part in the dope-dealing scheme.
Russell had been free on bail since last spring, when attempted murder charges against him were stayed after witnesses refused to testify against him and he was released from custody.However, he was arrested March 10 at the conclusion of another undercover RCMP investigation and is now facing four new charges — three counts of trafficking in a controlled substance and a lone possession for the purpose of trafficking charge.At a press conference the following day, Kamloops Mounties said they seized three kilograms of cocaine, a loaded handgun, body armour, three vehicles and thousands of dollars in cash in connection with the sting.Russell is not expected to seek bail.

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