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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Gypsy Jokers from Craigmore will face 13 charges

Five associates of the Gypsy Jokers motorcycle gang have been arrested in a series of raids across South Australia.Police say about 100 officers searched 20 properties in Adelaide and at Peterborough, Mount Gambier, Carpenter Rocks and Sedan.Detective Superintendent Des Bray says the most significant seizure was at Peterborough - a locked trunk containing an array of guns, swords and instructions for making bombs and amphetamines.
"They're shotguns that have been modified for no other purpose than to be used as a weapon and a quite devastating weapons at that," he said.
He says a man surrendered to police when they contacted him about the discovery."We searched the premises where the weapons were stored and he obviously wasn't there,' he said.And we'll allege at some time previous that he put the weapons there because it was a safe location or safe house for him if you like and when we recovered the weapons today we made contact with him and he then surrendered."A Gypsy Jokers member, 34, from Craigmore will face 13 charges.Police have charged four other Gypsy Jokers associates with guns and drug offences and say more people are being sought.

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