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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Christian Birch, 38 was allegedly found with a fully loaded .45 calibre black semi-automatic pistol down his pants

outlaw motorcycle member Christian Birch, 38, who also works as a labourer, was allegedly found with a fully loaded .45 calibre black semi-automatic pistol down his pants when police pulled him over on his Harley Davidson motorcycle on Friday. Police said Birch was wearing full Hell's Angels club colours before officers from Strike Force Raptor pulled him over on Garden Street, Alexandria, about 4.30pm (AEDT) on Friday. Birch, a disqualified driver, told police he had a pistol down the front of his pants, police facts tendered to Parramatta Local Court allege. 'In light of recent violent events, police exercised extreme caution in stopping the accused and he was instructed to lay face down on the road,' the police fact sheet says. Birch is currently disqualified from driving until 2012. 'The accused is the holder of an R (restricted) learner licence and as such is restricted to riding motorcycles with a capacity below 660ml. 'The cycle he was riding exceeded this limit and is not a learner-approved motorcycle.' Police said Birch had a good behaviour condition attached to his licence and a one-year suspended sentence. Officers from Strike Force Raptor and the State Crime Command Gangs Squad also raided two homes - at Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, and Wyndham Street, Alexandria - after the arrest.
Officers seized a shotgun, a bulletproof helmet, a large amount of ammunition, Hells Angels colours and a large amount of liquid thought to be a derivative of GBH during the Alexandria raid, police allege. Birch has been charged with two counts of possessing a prohibited firearm and one count each of possessing a loaded firearm in a public place, not keeping a firearm secure, possessing ammunition and driving while disqualified. He did not appear in court and did not apply for bail after his legal team requested the matter be adjourned. Bail was formally refused and the matter adjourned to Sydney's Central Local Court on Tuesday.

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