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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Gang members testify against former 'brothers' | Richmond Times-Dispatch

Gang members testify against former 'brothers' | Richmond Times-Dispatch: "David Lowry and Brian McDermott, both 50, of the Charlotte, N.C., and Hickory, N.C., Outlaws chapters, respectively, broke the gang's often-repeated warnings against snitching and testified at length, admitting that they hoped to win lesser prison sentences after earlier pleading guilty.
On trial in U.S. District Court in Richmond are Jack 'Milwaukee Jack' Rosga, 53, the Outlaws' national president; William 'Rebel' Davey, 46; Mark 'Lytnin'' Spradling, 52; and Leslie Werth, 47. In addition to the racketeering and conspiracy charges, Davey and Werth are charged with using violence in the aid of racketeering and firearms offenses.
Authorities allege the Outlaws ran a criminal enterprise that engaged in attempted murder, kidnapping, assault, robbery, extortion, witness intimidation, drug distribution, illegal gambling and weapons offenses. The trial began last week, and prosecutors said yesterday that they may call their last witness today.
Last year, not long after his parole ended for Outlaws-related federal racketeering convictions in 1998, Lowry was elected the boss of the Outlaws' Copper region, which includes Virginia and North Carolina and is one of the club's 10 regions in the U.S.
The runner-up in the election, and the man he replaced, was Werth, who sat a few feet away from the witness stand with the other defendants. Lowry said he was uneasy that the Outlaws had opened a chapter in Rock Hill, S.C."

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