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Thursday, 18 March 2010

RAIDED clubhouse of the Las Vegas Hells Angels

Metro Police SWAT Team charged into the clubhouse of the Las Vegas Hells Angels Wednesday morning. They were looking for furniture, household goods, vehicles and firearms embezzled while members of the motorcycle club were employed at the Salvation Army.SWAT charged through the gates of the clubhouse on Bonanza and 15th Street armed not only with an armored car, but also a search warrant.Police say people donating guns and vehicles to the Salvation Army will be surprised to learn they went right into the hands of Hells Angels members hired by the charity."If between 2007 and 2009 you donated either vehicles or firearms to the Salvation Army and you feel possibly they fell into the wrong hands, we'd like to talk to you," said Metro Officer Bill Cassell.When police raided the home, there was nobody inside. They haven't made any arrests and won't say how many people are involved in the ongoing investigation.They also didn't find any weapons in the clubhouse, but pulled out nearly everything else inside and tagged it as evidence.The Salvation Army says they suspected last year some employees may be stealing donated items."It was a territorial headquarters audit that brought to light these concerns. And our territorial headquarters approached local law enforcement," said Major Robert Lloyd with Salvation Army. The Salvation Army does accept donations of firearms, but they don't sell them at their thrift stores. Instead, they are put on consignment at local gun stores.Police say multiple members of the Hells Angels got jobs at the receiving departments of Salvation Army donation centers.The Hells Angels clubhouse was raided by SWAT in December of 2009. Metro says it's part of a year long investigation that appears to be getting close to some arrests.

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