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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Hells Angels members behind bars and locked up many more members of the Hells Angels puppet club the Zig Zag Crew.

Court documents show that with Hells Angels support low in Manitoba because of the arrests, the Rock Machine motorcycle gang is trying to make inroads into the province. Rock Machine members have apparently been wearing their gang colours, enraging members of the Hells Angels.Court documents show the conflict between the two gangs turned violent in the middle of January.A member of the Rock Machine was lured to a business on St. Mary's Road and then viciously beaten with a stool by several members of the Redlined Support Crew, another group of Hells Angels associates, state the documents.The fear of gang retaliation is what led police to raid a house on Mighton Avenue in Elmwood last week. Officers seized a loaded 9 millimetre handgun after receiving information that a Redlined member living there was allegedly keeping a loaded gun ready in case of attack by the Rock Machine.
The Hells Angels and Rock Machine have clashed in the past. During the mid 1990's in Quebec, about 150 people were killed in a biker war there that ended only after a truce was called.According to court documents, Winnipeg police believe more biker gang violence is being planned in the city, which is leading officers to stake out locations.

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