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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Striker force was established days after a fatal bikie brawl at Sydney airport between members of the Comancheros and Hells Angels.

Mr Daley said police had since seized firearms, motorcycles, cars, cash, drugs, drug manufacturing equipment and had also dismantled large-scale drug manufacturing and distribution networks."Each day police from local area commands are targeting bikies with simple but effective measures, routine firearms inspections, premises inspections, traffic stops, bail compliance checks, they're driving them crazy," Mr Daley told NSW Parliament on Tuesday.But Mr Daley said he was concerned about a police raid at the Bandidos clubhouse in Petersham, in Sydney's inner-west, on Saturday after drunk children as young as 13 were seen leaving the venue.Alcohol and cigarettes were seized in the raid, as well cash and a 30cm hunting knife, police said."It's pretty clear what the marketing strategy here is - kids, come and get your smokes and drinks from us now, come back in a few years time for your ecstasy and methamphetamine," Mr Daley said."It won't be tolerated and police will jump on top of it, we all hold that sort of behaviour in contempt."

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