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Friday, 18 September 2009

shooting death of a local motorcycle gang leader Dwight Alan Sluder has investigators trying to come up with fresh leads.

Murder of a local motorcycle gang leader has investigators trying to come up with fresh leads.A quiet home nestled in the trees along Baux Mountain Road on the far north end of Forsyth County turned into a bloody crime scene on July 15.Forsyth County sheriff's deputies said they found the body of 48-year-old Dwight Alan Sluder dead from a gunshot to the head.The case is turning out to be more complicated than most, police said, because Sluder was president of the Winston-Salem Hell's Angels motorcycle gang and the killer left virtually no clues.Police said there were no signs of forced entry, no signs of a robbery and no signs of a struggle.After talking to hundreds of people, investigators said they know one thing: whoever killed Sluder knew him.Police said the person who killed the 48-year-old could have been a business acquaintance or a rival gang. They said they don't know for sure, but no theory is off the table.Investigators with the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office, the State Bureau of Investigation and even federal agencies have already devoted hundreds of man hours to the case. However, it could be that one anonymous call to Crimestoppers that finally solves the mystery.

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